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“I feel like I can live like this for all my life, because I found my inner peace, my purpose, I found relief, I learned to let go, I found freedom in these grounds, I am no longer scared to be me. I found beauty and love within me in this very place; I appreciate the people that made this possible for me.”

Nanditha Wethu

Nature Conservation Student Experiential Training

Nelson Mandela University

Nelson Mandela University (NMU), situated in the Eastern Cape, stands as the largest university in the region. A significant portion of its student body hails from financially challenged backgrounds, relying on loans, scholarships, and bursaries to pursue higher education. NMU’s commitment to providing opportunities for all extends beyond the classroom, with partnerships like the one established with Bergplaas and the School of Natural Resource Management at NMU George Campus. 

Since 2011, this collaboration has strengthened, culminating in a formalized Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2016. Under this agreement, Bergplaas extends invaluable opportunities to NMU students, offering a one-year internship/experiential training program for third-year Nature Conservation students. Each year, Bergplaas selects a practical year intern from the second-year group, providing hands-on experience and professional development crucial for their academic and future career endeavors. 

This partnership exemplifies a commitment to education and practical skill-building, enriching the academic journey of NMU students and fostering valuable connections between academia and real-world conservation practices.

What Participants Gain & Experience


  • A one year internship.
  • Hand-on practical experience.

  • Professional development, crucial for future career endeavors.



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