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“I feel like I can live like this for all my life, because I found my inner peace, my purpose, I found relief, I learned to let go, I found freedom in these grounds, I am no longer scared to be me. I found beauty and love within me in this very place; I appreciate the people that made this possible for me.”

Nanditha Wethu

Spirit of The Wild

Course Summary

The Spirit of the Wild offers a transformative one-week experience focusing on wildlife, guiding, and leadership. The program ignites participants’ pathways to knowledge, belonging, and purpose; fostering a deeply personal journey. It reconnects individuals from all walks of life with the natural environment. This connection is crucial for our shared humanity, collective well-being, and realizing our potential.

In 2012, the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) endorsed Spirit of the Wild as a Specialist Training Provider.

What Participants gain & Experience


Participants gain valuable wildlife and personal development skills through their inner and outer journeys at Bergplaas Nature Reserve.

These experiences include:

  • A deepened understanding of nature and their role within it.

  • Enhanced communication and leadership skills.

  • An awakening of self-belief and life purpose.

  • The journey fosters a stronger connection with oneself, cultivating trust, confidence, and self-acceptance. As a result, participants are better equipped to lead and share the knowledge, relationship-building, and communication skills they have acquired with others.


The Journey

Our true essence can be found in nature. When we are surrounded by vast open spaces we are stripped of the masks we use to hide our raw emotions, thoughts, and feelings. The Spirit of The Wild offers you the journey to reconnect with yourself and with nature. There is a power in being able to surrender to silence, and to allow yourself to truly reflect upon your life. Through deep reflection, we can reconnect with nature and heal our soul, which in return empowers all aspects of our lives and connects us back to our authentic origins.

The Spirit of The Wild is an opportunity to heal one’s inner wildness. This inner wildness that was once so natural to us seems to have slipped from our daily lives. Along with our inner wildness, we have lost a sense of our freedom, the freedom to just be. Each individual will have a different pull towards the Spirit of The Wild, depending on what their soul resonates with, and there is a beauty in that, everyone has their own unique journey that purely belongs to them and yet in the end they are more connected than ever to those around them. The Spirit of The Wild interconnects all of life and deepens the meaning of our purposeas humans on this Earth.

Spirit of the Wild – Europe

In 2023, Spirit of The Wild embarked on a new chapter, extending its reach into Europe. Carrying the same core values and experiences forward, the program sought to replicate its success in diverse settings, bringing its transformative journey to new environments. By venturing into these new territories, Spirit of The Wild embraced the opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection between people and nature on a global scale.


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