"The World" - Feedback from a SOTW participant


The World.

We come into this world with so much purity. We carry this innocence that knows not of disappointment and pain. We come into the world with vigour, ready to take it by storm. We see no wrong in stumbling and instead seek for more.

At some point, however, we forget the importance that comes with being human. We forget that imperfection on it's own serves as a beautiful process that carries so much enrichment.

In doing so, we lose and stifle the many purposes and callings that have been laid and imparted within us. We, as the animal group would like to serve you as your personal reminders, as we ourselves learn from the mammals, birds and reptiles surrounding us. The many roles they choose to play teach us about the simplicity of communication, the depth of unity as well as the beauty that comes with service.

1. As the giraffe stands still in its stature, may it teach you to look far beyond the physical. In all that you do are and are becoming, may you choose to look at all the possibilities life has to present. Don’t limit yourselves. Don’t limit others.

2. The porcupine in its protective nature teaches us about the beauty that comes from applying gentliness with oneself. How such delicacy can only bear beautiful fruit. How you were made to bear beauty. How you were formed for giving and pouring. To give to the world what it lacks. We hope that you realise that and choose to gift us with what you’ve been called to give.

3. The kingfisher in its variation serves as a reminder for us to look towards healing the pains this world has inflicted upon us. May you look towards facing your gentle souls. May you tend to them and nurture them as slowly as required. We pray for your healing. May you encounter many more journeys that listen to the outcries of your inner child. And even more so journeyed that pour in joy and compassion.

4. Lastly as the elephants remain in their roots and their community. May we embed ourselves in the comfort of unity. We hope that you find your people. People that will embrace your beauty and oddities. People that will encourage truth out of you. People that will demand joy out of you. People that will see you through each phase of your journey. May you one day become a part of a deserving unit.

We're all still in our prime year's and have all these demands knocking at our doors. As we get back to our daily routines, we hope that you'll realise the roles you play into each and every ecosystem, the effects that those roles play as well as the importance that comes with being conscious about them.

Ikageng Olifant