New Course: Earth as our Guide


We are super exited to be part of a new course: Earth as our Guide!

earth photo

Starting and ending in the Netherlands with a portion of the course held here at Bergplaas, this course addresses how we must balance our living and working with what the planet can handle.

We are collectively reinventing how we can make a truly sustainable transition. We do this in our own lives, but also at the level of organizations and social systems. Although technology is necessary, we cannot make it with our ratio and technological innovation alone. We forget to consult the planet itself. It is the most successful, most sustainable and oldest system we know. With her 4.5 billion years of experience, she is a unique, living source of knowledge and inspiration. We are part of it with all our cells. It's time for true nature-based solutions where we transform the way we act. The big question is how we get from looking for (technological) solutions to acting from a deeply felt connection with the earth. This action starts with yourself. And with the earth. In this program you will get started with this. You learn to translate truly nature-based solutions into actions in your organization. It's surprisingly practical.

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