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“Create spaces that nourish our sense of possibility, promote a sense of oneness and redefine our relationships with the more than human and foster effective and spiritual transformation.”

Ian Read

Clearwater Wilderness Trails

Course Summary

ClearWater Wilderness trail, is a 4-month program, that is about connecting with and learning from Nature through a deep, personal experience. The trial expands your concisousness, allowing transformation in your thoughts, actions and approach to life. 

It is designed to allow for extensive time in pristine nature, far from daily distractions allowing you to slow down and truly reflect within.

What Participants Gain & Experience


Participants within the program gain the opportunity to foster personal and professional growth through a deeper connection to nature and self. By experiencing life’s interconnectedness,
we gain awareness of who we are and what we want to create.

These experiences include:

  • Enhanced awareness of mind, heart and soul
  • Balance between personal and collective needs
  • Stronger clarity and focus

It includes individual and group coaching, guided walks, silence, reflections, and extended solo time, with the wilderness trail as a pivotal moment.

This program aligns all aspects of ourselves with our surroundings, facilitating inner leadership and transforming insights into actionable choices for the future.

Upcoming Course Dates: 18 January – 25 January 2025
(travel days 17 January and 26 January)

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