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" Bergplaas is a powerful and wild place where our connection with nature and the oneness of all life is alive and can be experienced and felt. A space where we can connect with our true nature and recognise that solving the environmental crisis the world is facing starts with a commitment to deep reconciliation through the heart. "

Princess Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld, Princess of the Netherlands.

" I have always loved the wilderness and I spend a lot of time in nature walking through beautiful areas. My time and experience at Bergplaas made me realise that I had been a spectator of the beauty in front of me, rather than a part of it. The visit to and learnings at Bergplaas now allow me to feel a part of nature, which heightens the experience and also makes me aware of the delicate symbiosis we are all part of. It is a beautiful gift that I will always carry with me. "

– Tord Dyrssen, International Businessperson

Since my first visit several years ago when I participated in the Spirit of the Wild program, I experienced a new reality and realisation of being tangibly part of the holism of life; connected through the natural environment. The catalyst for me was Spirit of the Wild and it helped to significantly change my life and career for the better. I have since been back five times.”

– Kevin Moore, General Manager of Visitor Manager and Interpretation SANParks

The Essence of the Bergplaas Experience

Bergplaas Nature Reserve offers a unique environmental learning experience for people from all walks of life. Participants in our environmental programs and visitors to Bergplaas experience the wild, natural world in a whole new dimension. The 5000-hectare-proclaimed Nature Reserve is in the Nieu-Bethesda/Graaff-Reinet region of the Great Karoo which is renowned for its rugged beauty and sense of space. The land offers the experience of deep silence, as well as a chance for profound reflections and reconnection.

Our Wildlife & Environmental Programs

Participants in our environmental programs include local and international business leaders, university students, conservationists, and NGOs. We believe that experiencing and learning from the environment is key to transforming our world for the better. During your time on the reserve, you’ll discover a deep sense of connection to the land and to self which leads to a realisation of your role and purpose in life; all of which is supported by the Bergplaas team, homely accommodation, and hearty meals.

Spirit of the Wild

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“On the Spirit of the Wild progamme I felt as if my journey to live a better life is starting. I learnt about respect, value, life and its obstacles and how to move forward.”


Melisizwe Ntombana

How it all started – The Bergplaas story

“I felt a deep connection with this place and wanted to share it with as many people as possible”

Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld, Princess of the Netherlands.

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